Counter Terrorism Training Modules

individual Certified Tracker - Levels 1 to 3

Following a CTAA, or indeed as an initial direct request, training modules can be delivered to an established CT unit. Each module would ideally consist of 10 days training covering specific aspects of CT, but with the flexibility to take into consideration previous standards, available training resources and the requirement of the client.


Recommended modules, which can be delivered individually or sequentially, are as follows:  


Basic CT Markmanship, Room Combat and Planning

Application of Fire

  • Static turns
  • Moving turns
  • Point of Aim / Point of Impact
  • Shield drills
  • Man down drills
  • Stoppage drills
  • Transitioning targets

Room Combat Drills

  • Approaching a door
  • Entering a room
  • Team/Troop drills
  • Corridor/Stair drills
  • Small building clearance


  • Notice to Move / other FE
  • Integration with other agencies
  • Procedures
  • Authority
  • Tactical C2

Continuation CT Building Clearance and the Mobile Attack

  • Large building clearance
  • Multiple location response
  • Mobile threat
  • Integration with aviation / armour / police
  • MMOE
  • Tactical C2

Advanced CT Specialist

  • Canine integration
  • Sniper Employment
  • Explosive Methods of Entry (EMOE)

Should a client lack an identified CT unit to conduct an urban CT response, PENCARI has the ability to train and develop a bespoke unit to cover that capability gap.


Development of a Counter Terrorist Capability

A Military or Law Enforcement organisation would need to be identified by the Host Nation to provide the necessary manpower while PENCARI would be responsible for conducting a full training programme incorporating some or all of the modules listed above.


Military training

individual Certified Tracker - Levels 1 to 3

PENCARI has a proven track record in training the world’s military in a diverse array of capabilities, techniques and procedures. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide to you the client, training in current custom skill sets based on your needs and requirements.

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Law Enforcement training

individual Certified Tracker - Levels 1 to 3

Due to the varied nature of crime, Law Enforcement and Policing operations must be diverse and flexible. Officers must be able to react to situations that range from a threat of explosives to a fleeing suspect. During these operations, officers need tools and training to be as effective and as safe as possible.

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Commercial training

individual Certified Tracker - Levels 1 to 3 Disruptions in public and private services can have serious consequences for homeland and economic security, governance, and both public and economic confidence. So it makes sense that certain key infrastructure requires enhanced protection

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