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miltary Areas and Locations

We select our training areas to offer our clients as many differing environments as possible, crucial to ensure a true contingency capability (go anywhere use anywhere). All our areas offer private and secluded locations ensuring that your training experience is of the very highest quality. Where available we have secured terrain consisting of both Open and Close Country, grass, rock, sand, bush, scrub, wetlands and urban terrain. This diversity will give you and your people the confidence in their skills and an ability to operate anywhere and in all environments.


United Kingdom

Aberdeenshire: Our Scotland based training location is situated in over 4000 acres of rugged mixed terrain ideal for our Non-conventional Assisted Recovery (NAR) – Survival training and offering an incredibly challenging array of both lowland and highland countryside all interspersed with fast flowing rivers.


Sussex: Our Sussex based training is based within a secure and secluded country estate and incorporates over 400 acres of totally private land. This location is adjacent to an additional 10 sq miles of open heath-land, coniferous and deciduous forest all situated within easy reach of London Airports (Heathrow and Gatwick).


Broadmead Range: Through our Associates at ATOM Training we are able to offer the UK’s only civilian Home Office approved explosive training area. Situated in the Mendips, it is easily ac­cessible from the M4 and M5 and is approximately 30 minutes from Bristol Airport. The site is unique in the UK as a medium sized range ideally suited to charge weights up to 2-3kg, although larger shots are possible.


The main feature of the site is the “pit” which measures approximately 150m x 200m and is approximately 50m deep. This helps to keep both the noise and, more importantly, fragments in, giving an enhanced “effective” safety distance. There are various firing points and safety bunkers around the site allowing great flexibility for working.


The site is also ideal in that it is secluded and offers a secure and private site where sensitive work may be conducted without security concerns. Other facilities on site include “breaching jigs” into which we can build walls and fix doors for EMoE training, a classroom, an office, a canteen and shower facilities. Our site has separate charge preparation areas and secure storage.


ATOM will provide two MoD qualified range safety officers and has range standing orders based on MoD PAM 4. Military users are able to use standard firing systems, such as the Shrike and “Black and Tan” cables ensuring that they are comfortable with equipment and procedures.


South Africa

Our training site within the amazing SANWILD Nature Conservation Reserve situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The training area incorporates over 60 sq kilometres and includes a mixture of Open and Close country including ‘bushveld’, savannah and rugged mountainous terrain. The whole area is populated with African wildlife including buffalo, elephant, giraffe, cheetah and more.....The training area has a Live Fire capability with both High and Low angle shoots available. 


Accommodation can be adjusted to suit your needs with tented safari style facilities or alternatively more permanent two to three person en-suite rooms available. All food is included and when not conducting training your evenings can be spent sitting around the ‘briar’ watching the nightly wildlife that visit your very own watering hole.


Airport transfers from Johannesburg O.R.Tambo International Airport and Phalaborwa Airport can be arranged.



Our US training location situated in the High Altitude (7,000 to 8000ft) Desert of New Mexico is another amazing location. Our private, secluded and secure site can cater for up to 60 personnel providing both on site accommodation including shower and full feeding facilities.


The site consists of over 600 acres used exclusively for Live Fire training with an additional 4000 acres of highly varied terrain - multi use training area.


Countless firing positions capable of firing in 180 to 360 degree Firing Fans. Versatile distance shooting – Known and Unknown, 500 foot elevation gains with 2° to 45° shooting angles from 100 – 2000 meters. Significant projectile backstop and SDZs up to .50 cal. On site target materials including ‘steels’


Our training area also has its very own certified military drop zones within the training area. 14 miles of off-road/jeep trails, 4 miles which can be used for firing from vehicles.


Year round training usage – client weather requirements

  • Hi average 42F (5.5C) winter, 86F summer (30C)
  • Lo average 10F (-12C) winter, 50F summer (10C)
  • Average snowfall 8” (Heaviest in January, with 2”)


Class/Isolation and Planning facilities all available with our very own Medic located on site and available 24/7.



For our Military, Law Enforcement and Government Clients we are able to access availability of some exceptional Norwegian training areas through our excellent links with the Norwegian Military. RENA training area is situated approximately 2 hours drive from Oslo Gardermoen International Airport and is one of Norway’s most extensive forest and mountain areas, abundant with lakes and rivers. Located in the southern part of the Østerdalen area Rena is a rural location however is not far from the cities of Elverum, Hamar and Oslo.


Mobile Training Team Concept:

Through our Mobile Training Team PENCARI have the flexibility and agility to deliver bespoke training to our clients anywhere in the world, ‘we come to you’! This concept allows you to reduce your own travel and subsistence costs as well as minimizing the time that your people spend away from their base location, an important issue when preparing for future operations. For more information on this or for additional information on any of our training locations please contact us at


Law Enforcement training

miltary Areas and Locations

Due to the varied nature of crime, Law Enforcement and Policing operations must be diverse and flexible. Officers must be able to react to situations that range from a threat of explosives to a fleeing suspect. During these operations, officers need tools and training to be as effective and as safe as possible.

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Commercial training

miltary Areas and Locations

Disruptions in public and private services can have serious consequences for homeland and economic security, governance, and both public and economic confidence. So it makes sense that certain key infrastructure requires enhanced protection.

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Counter Terrorism consultancy

miltary Areas and Locations

As attacks by militants continue to increase in all four corners of the globe with no definitive pattern and a lack of precisely identified target sets, it is essential for a Nation to hold a dynamic, responsive and flexible urban Counter Terrorist (CT) response. PENCARI Ltd can offer clients a variety of solutions to this threat using extensive knowledge gained by UKSF operators who have accumulated decades of CT training and operational experience both in the UK and globally.

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